Yesterday, I wrote a little bit about my love – and frustration – for wire wrapping. Not long ago, when I was setting up my work space (for what seems like the zillionth time in the past few years) I found these cute little wire-wrapped earrings with little hearts on the ends.

Silver-toned wire-wrapped earrings. The earring itself is a post style. At the far end there are little silver hearts
Wire-wrapped earrings. – Photo courtesy of Benjamin Lang

I suppose I have a complicated thought process around earrings as I do around wire wrapping. First? They are – in theory – quick to make. They can require only a half dozen beads or a whole bunch more, depending on the style you want. But their components are fiddly. They can sometimes have minds of their own and, like the wire I wrote about, do whatever they want. And, unlike a bracelet or necklace, you can not fiddle around with them to get them to “sit” a certain way; they either sit right… or they don’t.

But, if I’m honest, if I’m looking for a beading task that provides nearly instant gratification… I reach for my earring findings, and get to work!