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I love working with wire.

Sometimes, I also hate working with wire.

Several years ago, I took a wire-wrapping class (more on that tomorrow). I leared a few basic techniques that I still use today. I’ve created ornaments that friends and strangers have loved, but that I don’t think I will ever make again.

The cool thing about making a piece with wire is that all you need to make it on the go are a clasp, a spool of wire, a set of wire cutters (bonus if they’re tucked nicely inside a set of pliers), and a strand of two of beads. You don’t have to worry about crimps or covers or anything else… and if you make a piece like this one, you only have to fiddle with one link at a time if you need to rework it (no need to take it all apart).

Each goldstone bead in this bracelet is wrapped in wire, and the wire loops link the beads together
Wire-wrapped bracelet

But wire is also finicky. It has a mind of its own, and does whatever it wants. More than one spool of wire has unspooled out of nowhere on me – once, memorably, in public, while I was making a custom order during a craft show. Sometimes it doesn’t cooperate with wire cutters, and I need to get out my handy dandy tool that dulls the sharp edges. Every once in a while it decides to have a mind of its own and configure into shapes I don’t want it to.

But working with wire is a true adventure… where will it take me next?