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So.. um… that running Boston in my own backyard thing?

it is, in no way, going as planned.

The heat and smoke this summer, not to mention serious job stress and transition, changing of shoes, and (I’m starting to think) seriously throwing my body out of whack thanks to my old love seat… I am not running nearly enough to be ready for a marathon. Many long runs have been canceled or shortened due to smoke. I chose to (not wisely) break in my new running shoes on the last long run I’ve taken. I’m not slept well, which makes me feel extremely edgy about injury. My bike is getting a workout this summer, but even that isn’t happening nearly enough for me to feel confident in my running ability.

but I’m nothing if not determined. Boston can’t be a full-on, fittest-I’ve-been-in-my-life experience (like I’d want it to be if I were running IN Boston). but maybe just getting out there and grinding it out is enough. Maybe this experience will have to be enough – me against myself, my life, the past 18 months. However this looks, I wonder if I will look back on it as the marathon that gave me perspective of being OK with where I am and what I can do. Because no matter, what, I will get this marathon done. It may not be fast, it may not be pretty, but it will get done.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve delayed my bike ride for too long.