I’m not a superstitious person, but yesterday – Friday the 13th – was… chaotic. It wasn’t bad, in a manner of speaking, just a little bit unsettled.

We woke up in the morning to find our toilet tank wasn’t refilling after flushing. Nothing flooded, but we were concerned about the water usage. I left for work, and my partner took a look and realized the float was cracked. I guess that needed replacing! One flow valve later… and I’ll get back to that.

I had a time-sensitive project at work, which resulted in an all-hands-on-deck situation. It all got done, but not without a lot of cursing at technology that was taking forever to do absolutely everything. I was in the middle of the last-minute scramble, when my partner texted and called me twice with stuff he had to tell me. I picked up, told him I’d call him back, hung up, and continued the scramble.

When I called my partner back, the good news was that the flow valve had been replaced. The bad news? We had… a serious leak. The water to the entire house was turned off, every towel we owned was pressed into service to clean up the mess, and a call was made to a plumber. It was hopeful that they could come by after 4:00, but if they couldn’t make it our way, they could set an appointment for Monday. We spent half the afternoon worried we wouldn’t have any water access for an entire weekend.

Thankfully, at 4:00, I got the text from my partner saying the plumber was able to make it out. By the time I finished work, he had fixed the problem, quoted a price to re-do all the plumbing in the house (to hopefully avoid this happening again with all my old plumbing), and waited for me to come home. The toilet flushed appropriately, there’s no more leaks, and our entire house has water!

I would’ve written about all of this if it were any other day… but it being Friday the 13th just makes the chaos more… fitting. Thankfully, the next one isn’t for another 39 weeks!