I’ve always loved year-end countdowns. When I was growing up, I used to have the radio – that old contraption that made you wait for your favourite song – on every New Year’s Eve (or New Year’s Day for reruns) and listen to the top songs of the year. Sometimes it was great to think about the music that maybe was really popular at the beginning of the year, but forgotten in the ever-present push for new popular songs.


In the spirit of such countdowns, and with many new readers to my blog this year, here are the top five posts of 2015 on Life Unscripted:


#5: “You’ll burn the House down!”

This one surprised me, especially given my recent injury involving a knife and green peppers and a trip to the emergency room. I still have all ten fingers, my hair is still long, and my house is still standing… so I guess this blind chick is still allowed in the kitchen πŸ™‚


#4: I will never Ask to Hold your Baby

By far one of the most emotional blog posts I have ever written. Judging by the comments I have received, I am by no means alone in my hesitance, and yet if I don’t ask I don’t receive…


#3: All blind People should Have a Guide Dog

I have no shame in acknowledging that my tongue-in-cheek approach was purposeful… but even I had no idea the reach of this post. I actually expected this post or this one to do just as well… proves what I know!


#2: I’m a bad ____, but It’s Not because I’m Blind

Of all the blog posts I’ve written this year, the success of this one has surprised me the most. I am not sure why, but it just did.


/1: β€œSo, Like, he takes care of you!” or…?

A blog post about relationships seems to always get people talking. Disability and romance is definitely a touchy subject. Whether one or both parties have disabilities, there is a certain otherness that characterizes such relationships. How I wish this wasn’t so…


Here are a few honorable mentions – popular posts that didn’t quite make the top five, or a few personal favorites of mine:


  • Advocacy is a touchy subject, but it is so important.
  • Another relationship post nearly made the cut.
  • Who knew that such a little hashtag could nearly blow up twitter?
  • Maybe I should have left this topic alone?
  • I loved getting to know these lovely ladies a bit better this year.
  • Not long ago I had a discussion regarding independence; it brought this post to mind.
  • In honour of New Year’s Eve, I will probably be asking more for the drink, not the tool from my human friends
  • Just for giggles… in the deep of winter, it’s just plain fun to think about camping!


None of these posts would be possible without you, my readers. Those I know in person and online, who comment through the blog, facebook, twitter, and email, who give me great ideas for posts… I thank you all! All the best in 2016!