I seem to recall a comment I make regularly: a new year does not in and of itself make any changes to one’s life, and waiting to make those changes in the new year sets one up for failure. Officially, I’m eating those words, because I cannot wait for 2015 to be over and for 2016 to begin.


This time last year, Ben and I were celebrating New Year’s eve in New York. A wonderful trip that was… and gave us memories that I firmly believe helped carry us through 2015. I feel no shame whatsoever in acknowledging that 2015 has been the hardest year of my life.From losing my job to finding another (and subsequently being laid off from it, from leaving provincial sport to starting up a jewelry design business, I am so very tired. And it isn’t just me. Ben has changed jobs and gone into a completely different field, which provides a whole new set of challenges and opportunities to learn.


All of these changes can cause one to dig deeply into oneself and find strength they never knew they had. I have found this true for me. This year has left me bruised due to circumstance, and every bruise leaves a scar. But they won’t hurt forever, and I can already feel myself coming out stronger. One week after cleaning out my desk, I now feel ready to take on 2016, with new prospects for employment, opportunities for jewelry design, the renewal and maintaining of friendships, and all the new things I don’t quite know are waiting for me. Whatever it brings… I’m ready for it, because it’s going to rock!