I didn’t plan on falling off the face of the planet… but of course I never plan to fall off the face of the planet.

But let’s just say the past two weeks have been… challenging.

In mid-April, I got a cold/flu/virus thing that had me sounding (and feeling ) pretty terrible. I had enough energy to do only what was necessary (work, eat, sleep) and little more. Throw in a seriously challenging lesson about annuities, and I felt very very stuck.

I reached out to my course tutor, who suggested I contact him with the specific area that I was struggling with. it sounded like a good idea in theory, but in practice, I felt like I should’ve just sent him the entire chapter of the textbook and said “explain EVERYTHING!”.

I decided to skip ahead to the next lesson (basic accounting principles) which was much more comprehensible. Then I asked around for some more assistance with annuities, which I thought I understood a bit more, then freaked out when I had exercises and quiz questions that made me feel completely out of my depth. In short, I hit a point where I decided that life was too short to hit my head against a wall. I’ll deal with it later… if I ever have to again. Thankfully my grades on the other units were good enough to put my average at a B (75%) in the class. And I have never been so glad to be done a class in my life!

Tomorrow morning, I start my next two courses: Fnce 259 (personal investing) and Acct 253 (introductory Financial Accounting). I’ve got a phone meeting with an adviser later this week to help plan my next courses once I complete these ones, and beyond. My hope is to get these two courses done in four months rather than the course contract of six for a self-funded student. I don’t know what these courses will look like, or how I will feel about them as I progress through the learning activities and then any exams I have (eeeeek!); but for today, I am excited to move forward and see what I can learn.