So here I am with such great and grandiose plans. I’ve written one whole post on this blog in the past three months – about retiring my beloved guide dog, Jenny. In the past three months, I’ve gone to guide dog school to train with Guide Dog 2.0, and we’re working on cementing our bond and making us a smooth-moving guide dog team, rather than two near strangers who sometimes don’t communicate well. I’m training for a half-marathon in May, because I haven’t had time or inclination to train for a full. So what makes me think that I can write a blog post every single day for this whole month?

For one, I’m persistent (sometimes). If I really want to do this, I will make it happen. For another, I’m a student, by golly, and with that comes a certain amount of socially conditioned procrastination. Why study when I can blog about studying?

But seriously… I’ve been a student for six whole months now. I’ve gotten one final class grade. I’ve had good times and frustrating experiences. Finally – let’s be honest – I will probably never have another opportunity when I will have enough free time to do this. There’s only one course for me to procrastinate on (I mean complete) this month, and I’m half-marathon training again for a race in May. Starting May 1, I’ll have two courses to complete, in addition to working, in addition to whipping my butt into shape to run a full marathon in December. So… in short… why not?

I don’t know what directions this blog challenge will go. It may look like my desk – chaotic and messy. It may eventually be wrangled into some sort of order. It might just flow naturally. I don’t know. But I want to chronicle the start of my post-secondary journey before things get harder, and I have final exams and more accessibility issues and… life!… to worry about.

If any of my loyal readers have burning questions, this month is an open slate. Ask anything school-related. I’ll answer when I can! This is to say, whenever I’m looking for reasons to turn away from my textbooks.