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There’s something about fixing something that has broken – whether due to the passage of time or an accident or incident – that fills me with joy.

Yesterday a visitor to this blog asked if I could direct them to someone who could restring a necklace they have. And today, look what popped up in my Facebook memories?

I love beading.
But I don’t want to make beaded things just to make SOMETHING; I want to make things people will enjoy, to make them feel great and look good, or express themselves in new ways.
But, like writers or artists, I take time away from my craft. Sometimes it’s necessary, due to life circumstances, and sometimes I just hit a creative rut.
Whenever I hit a creative rut (“Beader’s block”), someone seems to telepathically know this, and gives me something to re-string, repair or re-design.
The simple process of taking out my supplies, cutting, crimping, stringing, wrapping, putting things together, jumpstarts my brain and gives me new ideas and motivation.
For all the people who’ve done this over the years, you’ve played a unique and essential role in helping me make more pretty beaded things.
YOU have my undying gratitude. 🙂 “

I think I like repairing things for a few reasons:

First, it turns something unusable into something useful again. That is a great feeling!

Second, it gives me fresh ideas if I’ve hit a rut. In fixing a piece, I’ve discovered materials that I otherwise would’ve never known I like to work with. If a piece is missing beads and needs to be reconfigured, I’ve been able to get creative and put my own spin on it.

Third: Sometimes I get to hear stories! I’ve fixed a piece that broke at a party, restrung a necklace that belonged to someone’s grandmother, and was privileged to connect with neighbors I didn’t know I had… all by answering “yes” to the question…

“Can you fix this?”