I am grateful every day that I no longer have any of the beaded “mpasterpieces” I made as a child. It would be a minor miracle if I did!

I am also eternally grateful that most of my very early pieces have gone on into the bead soup in the sky.

This necklace is in shades of brown and red, with a faceted piece of Tiger Eye in the middle
Autumn themed necklace

This picture, however, is probably one of the first pieces I made that I still have. (Not for lack of exposure) I made it at a time in my crrafting journey where I thought that you needed a central piece to make your piece “pop”. So I took this faceted cube of tiger eye and made an autumnal themed necklace. To me, it it’s quirky and fun, but maybe it needs a little work. Maybe I’ll repurpose it into something else. Or maybe it needs to be here, just as it is.

I no longer hold to the idea that a piece needs a focal point – most of my current pieces don’t have one. But it was a fun creative endeavor.