31 days ago, I started a journey of blogging every single day for the entire month of August. This has stretched me in interesting ways. I wrote when I had lots to say, and I wrote when I feared that no words would come out. My Ultimate Blog Challenge hs caused me to be introspective, to get personal, to laugh, to share experiences with finance apps and services and assistive technology. I even made some new connections.

Sadly, daily writing can’t continue forever, at least for this blogger. I have a new job to grow in, and a modified Boston Marathon to train for. But this Ultimate Blog Challenge has given me what I think I always wanted it to, without knowing that’s what I needed: the love and the willingness to write again. It’s been surreal, and I can’t believe I did it every single day for a whole month!

I won’t be back tomorrow, but I will be back soon. Until then, my dear readers, do something (safely) that scares you a little.

I just did! πŸ™‚