On my run this morning, we talked about it. It very much feels like summer is over. The leaves were starting to turn yellow, a crisp autumn breeze filled the air, and the tiniest handful of raindrops fell as we ran through the crescents that make up a lot of our long runs.

When I got home, I enjoyed a book and a bubble bath (thanks to all the bubbles I got for my birthday!) and then snuggled with Simone on the couch while helping rescued dogs and cats find their new forever homes.

I don’t know where my day got to – in the midst of running and bubbles and curling up under afghans. Throw in some comfort food for lunch and supper, and it’s been a perfect lazy day.

What about you? When you’re relaxing while the world is cold and gloomy outside, what do you do? Do you want to laugh at something on TV? Get transported to another universe? Read your favorite book, or listen to your favorite podcast? Does loud music bring you energy, or do soulful tunesmake you feel less alone/?

If you’ve had a relaxing day, tell me about it in the comments! and if you can’t have one right now, tell me what your perfect lazy day looks like.