When I first started blogging (was it really seven years ago?) I wrote an introductory post about the feline members of our little family. Since then, my family has changed drastically. Dasher left us in 2017, and Annie crossed the Rainbow Bridge earlier this year. Wayne (affectionately called “The boy”) found a new home; I was devastated I couldn’t keep him myself, but was thrilled that he found a new home thanks to a TV segment I researched where I recognized his meow instantly. Wolfie has her own story of coming into my home, leaving and returning again – first temporarily and then permanently.

And it’s with this in mind: here is a formal introduction to the kitties in my world… because the world needs more kitty pictures!

Wolfie is contentedly laying on her cat tree

Wolf, otherwise known as Wolfie, or Grey Lump, is almost 5. She’s a Russian Blue, which means she’s inherited a certain amount of eccentricity. She loves balling up shedded hair and fur into balls she can play with. She likes to hide during thunderstorms and isn’t super fond of new people coming to the house. She has two volume settings: extremely quiet, and VERY LOUD (the latter of which is less than adorable at 3:00 AM). She is incredibly sensitive to moods, weather, and just about everything else. She’s somewhat reserved, but she’s not afraid to make her opinions known, and she is absolutely not above putting another cat in her place… which she does… a lot… but nicely.

Simone, a black cat in a blue harness, is laying on the same cat tree

Simone, more regularly referred to as “Monkey” due to her ability to climb or squirm into or under or out of anything, is 9 months old. She’s a big black cat who hasn’t stopped growing yet (oh dear!) She is, bar none, the funniest cat I’ve ever met. She is friendly with everyone, without being clingy. Where Wolfie hides during thunderstorms, they give Simone energy. It’s not uncommon to find her launching herself off of anything she can, sometimes across the room. if she doesn’t have enough toys, she will make her own, not always with appropriate things. She is friends with both Jenny (the dog) and Wolfie, and while she may be a biological cat (those domestic creatures that purr and meow and use the litter box and knead things) her brain is all dog. She comes when called (even if you’re calling someone else), LOVES belly rubs, and actually plays fetch, though she’s admittedly not quite as good at bringing the ball back.