There’s not a ton to report for June. It almost doesn’t deserve its own blog post, but hey… here I am.

In the land of fun happenings, the most hilarious occurs in early June. I wake up highly amused by my partner trying to negotiate treat distribution with a 6-pound cat (“You can have three more treats if you leave the rest for Wolfie”). Or maybe I’m mostly amused by walking a propane tank to the gas station for refilling in a lawn seeder.

We start work on the yard – preparing it to relocate the fire pit – but evenings in June prove to be wet, and weekends are either far too rainy or I’m far too unmotivated – or both.

More happens to me personally, rather than on the home-improvement/maintenance front. Wolf is here to stay permanently; she’s keeping Annie young and is happy to be here. The city starts to open – restaurants, malls, etc. – but I’m disinclined to go out when not strictly necessary (even though our first outing to a restaurant includes the staff having an ’80s sing-along). I sign up for a HUGE running challenge, and hope that I have the physical and mental strength to run/walk/move for more than 2000 km… by the end of the year…