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Well, not quite… but mostly.


Since my previous post about my three bus cancellations, I’ve been waiting… and waiting… and waiting. In addition to the three tickets I was alerted had been changed canceled, further research has shown me that one more ticket had been altered, making my accommodations in Helena nearly unusable. I was able to get that ticket refunded as well, but that leaves me in a position of having multiple accommodations and no safe way to get from one to another, unless I book alternate arrangements and/or change my accommodation bookings.

I’ve booked one flight – the one to get me to Seattle – and one bus ticket that appears to have been unaffected by route and schedule changes. Beyond that, I’ve been doing mental gymnastics trying to figure out whether to keep my existing schedule and hope transportation figures itself out or making changes, forfeiting one unaffected bus ticket and hoping things don’t change further.

I am tired.

I’ve also decided to create a crowdfunding page. Many readers have read my Epic Road Trip of Awesome series and expressed their enjoyment of it. Because I plan on blogging about The Intrepid Journey, I’m asking faithful readers to consider supporting this trip to help make it the best trip it can be. 🙂

Please consider supporting this trip and sharing the crowdfunding page (even sharing can help out!)

I’ve got a generally clean slate, and that is both exciting and aggravating.